Judges Are Playing God

The conservative, moral sect in America has taken back the political correctness our forefathers fought to leave us and it is time to reclaim the title. The days of the former Surgeon General, C. Everett Koop, have returned. He was once spoken of as being so passionate about the sanctity of life “that he would ventilate an amoeba.”

politically correct…an oxymoron

Think about the phrase “politically correct” for just a moment. When did the idea arise that correct politics had to be immoral and the media could govern what is acceptable? The mention of political correctness will again shine a beacon to the people who depend on morality. These people include the human race who have not closed their minds to what is right in the sight of God. They are children and young adults who are being influenced by the examples set. And once again they will see a moral and politically correct example.

The examples set in the past have allowed the liberals to determine what would become the politically correct agenda. To get elected to office and to be accepted by the media moral correctness taught by our ancestors was forfeited. The path of least resistance was taken and that path has led to the destruction of a moral philosophy.

With an immoral philosophy the murder of babies became politically correct. Child molesters and rapists were turned loose on the public after just a short term in a country club styled prison. The liberal politically correct thieves were allowed to remove God from schools and our grandfather’s government that was passed on to us to protect. The ACLU funded with U.S. tax dollars was given the authority to fight morality. God help America, please!

let God be God

But of all the freedoms and political correctness we surrendered, our greatest travesty was giving judges the authority to play god. I remember voting as a young man and saying, “I haven’t heard anything bad about these judges. I guess I’ll just vote for these.” How more stupid could I have been? But now it is time to fight tooth and nail to let people know how important it is that we know for whom we are voting.


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