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Visit one of the most interesting blogs available. If you don’t visit here you are missing out on…

winningwithrick Blog.


Engaging Without Carrots & Sticks | Connected Principals

Life comes down to building relationships whether as teachers, employers or spouses. Here is an excellent article about this subject:


Engaging Without Carrots & Sticks | Connected Principals.

Six Reasons Small Talk Is Very Important—And How To Get Better At It – Forbes

As one who has always, and I do mean always, been a not-for-small-talk kind of person I found this article in Forbes very interesting and helpful. As we are all in sales (yes, we must sell ourselves literally every day to someone) I’m sure you will enjoy this as much as I have.

Good luck and good selling…

Six Reasons Small Talk Is Very Important—And How To Get Better At It – Forbes.

More Traffic – More Comments

Now here’s how you can acquire more readers of your writings…

The Blog

People blog for different reasons, but many post with hopes of seeing feedback from readers. Here at we’ve studied why some posts and blogs get more comments than others, and want to share our advice with you.

  1. You need visitors before you’ll get comments. You won’t get comments until people visit your blog. Start by reviewing our famous post on How to Get More Traffic to understand the basics of building an audience. Posting on a regular schedule is an important part of building traffic, which will lead to more comments. You can see our recent research on increasing page views too.
  2. Have a clear and strong position in your posts. Clarity in writing helps readers form their own opinion to share. A post titled “I’m not sure if I like bananas” is less likely to compel a response than “How I learned to love bananas” or “Why I will…

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